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Use our feet
Hands on many times
with all our heart

Use our feet
Hands on many times
with all our heart

In an era full of things
What moves your heart

Walk around the world and collect ingredients
Spend enough time
To finish one by one
No need to make a lot
We want to deliver something with all our heart

And the emotions are connected
Hand to hand
Over time like ivy

An unforgettable gift
Cadeau patisserie


Bliss born in the atelier
Short Galette

The short galette, which was born over many years, is a masterpiece of Cadeau patisserie.
With the rustic taste of traditional British shortbread, The rich taste of French Galette Bretonne has been combined. Luxuriously using Brittany flour and domestic fermented butter, Each piece is carefully hand-baked by a craftsman. The rich buttery flavor that spreads the moment you put it in your mouth and the salt of Guérande that enhances the sweetness. Although it is moist, it has a unique crunchy texture.
Above all, we used the finest handmade seaweed butter Bordier from France.
The short galette for a limited time is a special dish reminiscent of the blue sea of Brittany. We will deliver a blissful time that you can only give to your loved ones.

Short Galette

Chic sweetness that goes well with wine
Gateau (cake)

A Gateau classic with an elegant sweetness and a light texture using French Verjoise (sugar beet sugar).
Gateau Lemon (Weekend), which has long been known as "sweets to eat with loved ones who spend the weekend together," uses fresh lemons to give it a fresh acidity.
A stylish size that is nice as a small souvenir.
It is an adult cake that goes well with wine and champagne as well as coffee and tea.

  • Classic


  • Lemon


Put your thoughts into this bite.

Amber chocolate that was born by chance when a craftsman burned white chocolate.
Using this mellow and fragrant chocolate, which is neither black nor white,
we made beautiful and rare raw chocolate like amber.
The moment you put it in your mouth, it melts into a flowing caramel-like flavor,
leaving a slight salty finish ... Enjoy a blissful grain.

  • Chocolat Ambre

    Chocolat Ambre

Champagne bubbles that shine golden.
Confiture (jam)

It's like trapping golden champagne in a glassIt is a beautiful confiture in the world.
Pure and elegant champagne "Jean de Villare BRUIT"White grapes are blended and boiled down,
and gold leaf is added to the finish.
The taste of mellow grapes is exactly the champagne itself.
It goes well with cheese and patties as well as buckets.

  • Confiture Champagne

    Confiture Champagne

Relax in a 5-star hotel in Paris.Te (tea)
Te (tea)

From the luxury tea brand "BETJEMAN & BARTON",
which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019,
which is also used in 5-star hotels in Paris,we have a lineup of flavors that go well with the sweets of Cadeau Patisserie. An elegant scent and taste that blends beautiful flowers,
leaves, and fruits into tea leaves in an exquisite balance like perfume.
Forget everything and promise time to immerse yourself in happiness.

  • Malesherbes


  • Les Classiques

    Les Classiques

  • Eden Rose

    Eden Rose

  • Earl Grey Finest

    Earl Grey Finest

  • Autumn Blend

    Autumn Blend

  • Pouchkine


  • Jardin Rouge

    Jardin Rouge

  • Breakfast Royal

    Breakfast Royal

A flower-like drop that touches your heart.
Cafe (coffee)

A pioneering brand of third wave coffee with "THE CREAM OF THE CROP COFFEE“ We have developed an original blend for Cadeau Patisserie including Yirgacheffe from Ethiopian Coffee beans grown healthy with the power of the earth and the blessings of the sun was carefully roasted in the Kiyosumi Shirakawa Roasters. Have a special cup that is fresh but deep.

  • Original Blend

    Original Blend


Cadeau Marunouchi

1-4-1, Eiraku Bldg-1F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Open Hours
TEL 03-6269-9520

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